Now Available: Trillionaire and Ahoy!

cover Ahoy Front

Trillionaire                                                                  Ahoy!

A spine-tingling thriller about a globe-trotting trillionaire, and an anthology of pirate stories from across the ages.

Paperback and eBooks available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and–see the links above–from Amazon’s CreateSpace.

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This Fall, Vikings invade Ireland!

Vikings invade medieval Ireland in this historical tale of action, romance, and political intrigue. Look for The Last Abbot of Linn Duachaill later this year from Jess Barry and Michelle Markey Butler courtesy of S & H Publishing.


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Pirate Profiles

Meet the pirate women who through the
ages defied convention and ignored the law.

Theolonia – fiery and fierce captain of a crew of ancient Amazons

Masumi – cool and commanding leader of a pirate fleet, the only law in a vast area

Liz – loyal and protective first officer on a riverboat that terrorizes the local authorities

Abigail – clever and quick crewmate on a clipper ship captained by her mother

Adaeze – combative and disciplined former soldier, stole a nuclear submarine to prowl the high seas

Nikki – sly and sweet, the newest crewmember aboard her uncle’s infamous interstellar ship

~ and introducing ~

Scheherazade – brilliant and cunning captain who, on behalf of her sultan, stalks the spice trade routes between Arabia and India


Clipper versus clipper.

“Here, take these.” Abigail handed Prescott her Derringer and her Le Mat Revolver.  He wouldn’t like either as well as his Colts, but they’d have to do. Then she dashed into one of the store rooms to get more guns.

The rumble of cannons grew louder, then Angelica’s own blasted in answer, sending a vibration through the decks.

Abigail raced back to the rail, clutching what she’d sought:  the Spencer repeating rifle. She clutched long narrow tubes of ammunition in her other hand.

Using the rail for both cover and support for the barrel, Abigail took aim at the person at Marauder’s helm and fired. He dropped to his knees then toppled over.

Pumping the lever between each shot, she felled seven men from the rigging and one from the crow’s nest. One cannonball whizzed past, missing her by a foot and splintering the rail and deck beside her.

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Excerpt from Trillionaire

Envy and hate from the past threaten the future,
and put everyone aboard Samanya’s megayacht Nubian Queen at risk.

Corporate titan Dr. Nosizwe Samanya co-founded the Zhousheng Corporation.  When a shadowy figure with
no discernible motive attacks the globe-spanning empire, people die.  Nosizwe races to stop the specter before the enigma kills anyone else and destroys not just her and her friends, but their entire life’s work.

The deeper Samanya digs, the more she discovers the extent of her adversary’s resources.  She finally finds the clues she needs to put her attacker on the defensive, but can she use the information in time?


Billion Dollar Heist

Malcolm used his key card and burst in, out of breath and looking utterly disheveled.

Malcolm never looked disheveled.

Now, however, he wore only tuxedo pants and a white undershirt—and a single black sock, leaving his other foot bare.  He hadn’t combed his tousled still-dripping hair, and he smelled of shampoo and soap instead of his normal mild cologne.  “Ma’am, there’s been a robbery!  The police are asking for you in the ballroom.”

Picking up her suit coat from the back of the sofa, Nosizwe followed her assistant through the suite’s gilded double doors.  In the ornate landing, the waiting elevator beeped in protest to Malcolm’s use of the Emergency Stop button.

“Malcolm, relax.  They obviously don’t think you’re a suspect,” she told him as he repeatedly poked at the floor number for 10 before the doors had even finished closing.  “Take a deep breath.”  She selected floor 19, one below hers.  At his panicked look, she repeated, “Take a deep breath,” the doors opened, “Now, go get your shoes on.  A five-minute wait won’t kill anyone.”

He ran.

She sighed.

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Debuting at Shore Leave: Trillionaire and Ahoy!

cover Ahoy Front

A spine-tingling thriller about a globe-trotting trillionaire, and an anthology of pirate stories from across the ages.

Come join all the fun at Shore Leave 37 in Hunt Valley MD, August 7-9!

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Coming in July: Ahoy!

And the second anthology to keep an eye out for, with this revised cover now including Scheherazade!

Ahoy Front

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Featured Story: Avast!

Before volume two hits the shelves, anyone who missed volume one, can find it here.  Check it out and enjoy!


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