COVER REVEAL; New Fantasy Novel Debuts at Farpoint!

SS_NameThickPurple_300 (1)

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Sorcery and Steel Strike Again!

Preview 3

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Coming in 2016


More Tales of Mimion, another Vagabonds’ Adventure, plus thrilling action in space.

And, naturally, cats:

Paw Front

Chauvelin Oval Duchess Oval Kris Oval Marguerite Oval Marie Oval Nikki Oval Nyra Oval Percy Oval Rigel Oval Midnight Oval copy

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Wrap up of 2015

Good fortune abounded!  And plenty of busy-ness.  Overall, a pretty productive year.  A super-quick recap for those who are interested:

A brand new pirate inspired a whole new anthology.

A troubleshooting, globetrotting trillionaire debuted.

A planet-sized ship embarked on a voyage of exploration.

A Norse captain navigated political intrigue in Ireland.

An anthology explored two very different family crises – one in Norway, the other in Ireland.

Upward and onward!  Bring on 2016!

Front Cinammon      Ahoy Front

cover    Space LPoHSpies-and-HeroesSmall  LastAbbot-2



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Vikings Land in Ireland!

Exciting news! The release date is now officially NOVEMBER 28!   And pre-orders are already available.

Here’s a link again to the book trailer; S & H did a FANTASTIC job with it. The same link goes to the pre-order page as well.  It will also be available on Amazon in Print and eBook editions.


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Now Available!

Fly to far-flung galaxies, and take A Little Piece of Home with you!

Available here and at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Space LPoH

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Coming Soon!

Switching from Medieval Europe to the depths of outer space millennia in the future!

Space LPoH

at the vanguard of a golden new age

A ship the size of a small planet.

A century-long voyage between galaxies.

A crew that will grow from five thousand to five million.

A renegade group determined to ensure the mission fails.

Sera Logan helped design the ship and assemble the crew.  Finally, they are set to embark on the next great phase of science and exploration.  Under the leadership of the woman who spearheaded the program and now captains the ship, Sera and the most diverse crew ever assembled stand poised on the brink of the greatest journey in history.

But will they survive the trip?  And if so, what awaits them once they arrive?

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