Mimion: wilderness and technology, four wildly different races

Mimion:  a wilderness planet.

Four spectacularly different races share it: fur-covered, arctic-dwelling hominids; gargantuan whale-sized fish; sentient birds with twelve-foot wingspans; and humans.

Humans with seven senses instead of five, whose queendoms’ governments rely on those with the strongest telepathic and psychokinetic abilities.  Political (and sometimes military) turmoil runs amok as monarchs forever scheme and maneuver to consolidate their power and influence.

From the world’s stone age to space age and beyond, the stories span history and recount the lives of the most powerful Empress down to the most menial serf, from scientists to swordswomen to scholars.

Aquadia             Azencer             De’Ona             Eltaine             Himmel             Ilyn

Lefgree              Lorarzet             Milay                Okrax               The Purple Hills

Riversland        Swirland            Teeren              Tuagi                Xivaari               Zix

Im Offenen Anblick Verstecken

And for an anthology of several tales from throughout Mimion’s history:
Across the Ages

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Bring on the Stanley Cup Finals!

In honor of the hockey championships, check out this hockey novel.  Available as an eBook on Kindle or Nook.  Or in other formats here.


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Featured Title: Sailing the Cosmos

Space pirates! Exploding planets! Awakening planets! Asteroids colliding with worlds! Over twenty astounding stories collected in one huge volume.

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Featured Story: Azure Dragon

Alex hides.

From her family for over thirty thousand years.

From an overly ambitious reporter determined to discover her life history.

From the man who loves her.

Can she let go of the past without losing herself?

Print edition available from Amazon’s CreateSpace here.

Amazon Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble — Nook Color Smashwords Xin Xii

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The Angel Cat Collection–Coming in 2014

This gallery contains 12 photos.

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Cover: Whole Collection

Coming late in 2014

Collection Front

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Coming in 2014

Pirates won’t reign alone this year (see the previous post here). Announcing the upcoming Angel Cat Collection, appearing later this year. Enjoy this preview of the short stories’ covers:

Rigel Oval Front     Percy Oval Front     Nyra Oval Front copyNikki Oval Front     Midnight Oval Front     Marie Oval Front

Kris Oval Front     Marguerite Oval Front     Duchess Oval FrontChauvelin Oval Front

And the brand new cover of the already-published first in the series:

Ralph Oval Front

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